Terms & Conditions

“Car Rental Tbilisi” also, offers tours throughout Georgia. Our team will help you plan the optimal routes. The opinion of each customer is important to us, so we plan group as well as individual and VIP class tours. We deeply believe that with our knowledge and experience we will be able to plan safe, comfortable and exciting tours for you.

Rules during the tour :

1. The use of alcohol, drugs or other similar means is prohibited!

2. For safety reasons, follow any instructions issued by tour operators.

3. Tour cancellation information must be received at least 24 hours in advance.

To rent a car you need to follow the rules set by the company :

1. Before taking the vehicle, you and the company representative will check the car, after that you are taking a responsibility to return the car in the same condition.

2. It is forbidden to drive under the influence of drugs, drinks or other similar substances !

3. In case of car damage, the client is obliged to contact both the insurance group and the police.

4. Customer must leave a deposit, which is up to rental period.